Siple Dome 1994

Basic Information
Latitude:  -81.65
Longitude: -148.79
Data Type: Ice Core Chem/Iso
Additional Information
Abbrev: SDM-94
Depth: 150 m
T-period: 1995-850 AD
Sample: 2-10 & 20-50 cm
Elevation: 620 m
Mean acc rate: 11.7 cm H2O/year
Reference: Kreutz, K. J., P. A. Mayewski, L. D. Meeker, M. S. Twickler, S. I. Whitlow, and I. I. Pittalwala. 1997. Bipolar changes in atmospheric circulation during the Little Ice Age, Science, 277(5330), 1294-1296.
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